President Farmaajo; “….the two chambers of parliament must cooperate to ensure a fair process in the ongoing review of the constitution”


President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has opened the second parliamentary plenary session of the Upper House of the Somali Federal Parliament.

In his constitutional address, the president called upon the two houses of parliament to cooperate in the ongoing process of reviewing Somalia’s provisional constitution

“The two chambers of the federal parliament must cooperate in the important duty of the process of reviewing our provisional constitution”

President Farmaajo urged members of the upper house to take the lead in ensuring delivery of services aimed at achieving development goals and plans.

“You must ensure in all you do that it should only be in the interest of the nation, and avoid personal, groups or clan interests…”

The president in his address underscored the key objectives that the house must prioritize in this parliamentary session including political dialogues and consultations, as well as defining the sharing of powers and responsibilities between the central government and the federal states.

The president further urged both houses of parliament to strengthen their relations and cooperate as stipulated in article 56 of the provisional constitution.