AMISOM commends Somali national security forces for swift response to terrorist attack in Mogadishu


The Special Representative of the Chairperson of African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, commends the swift response by Somali National Security Forces to the attack by Al-Shabaab terrorists on a restaurant in Mogadishu on Wednesday evening.

Once again, the terrorists, in the same cowardly manner, targeted civilians at a popular restaurant with a vehicle improvised explosive device, killing and injuring innocent people. However, the rapid and quick response of the security forces prevented further destruction and loss of life.

The act of bravery exhibited by the security forces must be commended and is proof that the reforms being undertaken by the government under the new National Security Architecture Agreement are taking shape and beginning to show positive results.

“The attack on civilians last evening was a desperate attempt by the terrorists seeking public attention, after having suffered serious losses from recent operations by Somali Government Forces. The ongoing security operation under the stabilization campaign in Mogadishu and others targeting Al-Shabaab camps have left the militants severely weakened. AMISOM commends the government forces for their courage and pledges its continued support towards ensuring total pacification of Somalia,” Amb. Madeira stated.

AMISOM commends President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo for the ongoing operations to seize illegal firearms in Mogadishu and other major towns to help secure the country.

The AMISOM Head of Mission commiserates with the bereaved families and wishes the injured a quick recovery.

The unity and resilience of the people of Somalia shall win over those that seek to spread terror by disregarding the sanctity of human life.

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