AMISOM Says Al Shabaab Has Mostly Been Weakened But Still Pose Threat With Guerilla IED Attacks In Somalia


AMISOM has confirmed that it is in the final phases of defeating the al Shabaab which has weakened the terror organization but warned that it still poses a small-scale threat both in Somalia and the Horn of Africa region.

The Mission’s spokesperson, Lt. Col. Richard Nyabuti Omwega said the group was degraded as its fighters were defeated in many battles by the allied forces. Omwega cautioned that the group still remains a menace to general security in Somalia since its fighters are using improvised explosive devices and abrupt attacks.

AMISOM has however maintained that the main challenge the mission’s eradication of the militants is that they have intermingled and blended with local communities. The security officer, hope that the integration of a strong SNA force will go a long way to ensure that the peace achieved and gains against al Shabaab are permanent.

AMISOM had achieved tangible progress since it launched its mandate to restore peace in the Horn African Nation back in 2007. AMISOM troops who were majority drew from six countries namely Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burundi, Djibouti and Sierra Leone were deployed in 2007 to assist Somali government in peace restoration.