President Farmaajo Opens The Second Parliamentary Session of The House Of The People


Mogadishu, 8th July, 2017: The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has officially opened the second parliamentary plenary session of the 10th Parliament after two months of recess.

President Farmaajo while giving his constitutional address to both houses of parliament emphasized on the need to have the separate organs of the government to work closely together to achieve development goals.

In his address, the president shared with the parliamentarians highlights of the government’s progress include consistency in paying salaries and wages for all government employees, efforts in controlling the free flow of illegal arms, operationalizing an integrated special stabilization force for the capital and strengthening of cooperation between the central government and the federal states.

The government has as well been successful in finalizing regaining control of the Somali airspace, has made huge progress in negotiating for agreements to free Somali prisoners in foreign countries and reclaiming Somalia’s cosignatory status for aid funds earmarked for development in Somalia.

President Farmaajo confessed that a lot is expected from the government including ensuring security and stability, justice sector reform, recreating sound economic infrastructure, strengthening foreign policies and relations, upgrading government institutions and public reconciliation.

The president then requested parliament to approve 15 bills that the administration plans to table before the house in this parliamentary session to fast track delivery efforts.

President Farmaajo while addressing the pertinent issue of the Berbera port deal underscored that it is clear in article 7, sub-article 2, 4 and 5 of the constitution of Somalia that it is of paramount importance to safeguard the sovereignty and unity of the republic, adding that the administration would soon bring before the house a full report on the same.


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