Somali Government Gratifies Arab League Statement On Berbera Port Deal


The Minister of foreign affairs Ahmed Awad has welcomed the Arab League statement over the controversial tripartite agreement between Somaliland, DP World, and Ethiopia.

The Minister said the Arab League decision is very significant and called for to respect the sovereignty and unity of Somalia.

The four-point Arab League statement urged both sides to continue to resolve matters that are between them on the future of the country.

The Arab League has also expressed its support for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in support of the restoration of peace and stability in Somalia.

“The control of the borders of the land, its airspace and the sea are the responsibility of the federal government of Somalia, and the Arab League warns against interfering with Somalia in any kind,” the statement from the Arab League said.
The Federal Government of Somalia asked the Arab League to step in and mediate in the controversial Berbera port agreement as relations drastically deteriorate in the once unified country.
The federal government has argued that the agreement between Somaliland, DP World and the Ethiopian government over the port of Berbera is an illegal roadmap that has not been implemented according to the law and was not approved by the constitutionally mandated institutions of Somalia.Senior government officials said that a similar complaint will be launched with the African Union, ostensibly directed at Ethiopia.The League of Arab States also said that it will continue to support Somalia’s constitutionally mandated institutions, particularly in the areas of peace and reconstruction of the nation.